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12th June 2017 | By Erin Rosenberg, PE and Sport Faculty BTEC Lead

Friday 9th June brought a mixed bag of emotions for the Year 13 Sport students…nervousness, anticipation, delight and some sadness (!) about signing off after two years of hard work.

However, as soon as JK events entered Connell car park, all those emotions melted away and the sheer excitement about getting into a huge bubble and playing a football match took over! After some struggles to get into them and getting used to being bounced around (thanks to Yomi and Dan!) everyone got the hang of them and everyone seemed to become fearless! There were a few students (and Becky!) who needed a little rest and decided to just chill upside down (Grace, Hayaat and Jess!!) and pretend that they were not stuck, but thankfully Yomi, Dan and Jasmine were there to help out!!


Word got around college just how much fun the Year 13’s were having and there was soon an audience of staff watching and wanting a go! Special mentions have to go to Julia, Stuart and Jane who both took some big hits from the Year 13’s but did not let them stop them playing! At the end of the day, everyone was completely exhausted but with huge smiles on their faces (I think some of these were because they had managed to finally get revenge on Becky and Erin for constantly asking for assignments!), sore legs and faces from laughing so much!. A fantastic way to end two tough years of work as a group!!