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A-Level Maths is one of the most challenging and highly regarded A-Level subjects, both as a subject in its own right and as the basic language of many scientific subjects. If you like puzzles, problem-solving and learning to think logically, A-Level Maths is for you …


Right at the heart of A-Level Maths is the study of equations and their graphs; we’ll be uncovering surprising relationships that let us solve new problems, putting to work the algebra you learned at High School and taking it way beyond in just the first few weeks of the course.

We’ll also be applying Maths directly to situations from the real world: this might be using Statistics to test a claim, predicting the motion of an object using Mechanics, or using Decision maths to see how route-finding software can find the shortest or quickest route through a network.


As part of our course we find time for you to work in-depth on problem solving together – the key skill that employers value most about A-Level Maths. If this is your thing that you can do even more of it outside of lessons and can even compete against other mathematicians from all over the country in problem solving challenges.


The AS Maths qualification is assessed by three examinations which are taken at the end of the first year. The A2 qualification requires a further three examinations at the end of the second year. All exams are equal in length and number of marks available.

Unlike many courses Maths is not yet a linear A-Level meaning you will have exams in your first year and the marks you get will contribute to your A2 grade. There is not coursework in the qualification.


A-Level Maths supports a wide range of career paths and is often required by universities and employers for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Finance. People who have studied Maths are strong candidates for a very wide range of careers including Business, Finance, Science, Technology and Engineering


You need a Grade 6 or above GCSE Maths and need at least 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above including English.




This subject will take two years to complete. Please note that this is not yet a linear subject, therefore you will be taking exams at the end of your first year that will count towards you final A-level qualification.


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