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Are you interested in our legal system? Do you find yourself drawn to stories about crime and justice? If so, Law may be the perfect subject for you …


In your first year you will begin by looking at Law Making and the English Legal System. You will find out where laws come from and how they are made. You will also look at the courts and people involved in the legal system. After this you will begin to look at The Concept of Liability, where you will learn about legal responsibility in both criminal and civil law.

In the second year you will focus on criminal law, looking at a range of criminal offences such as Murder, GBH, Burglary, Criminal Damage and Fraud, as well as a number of criminal defences such as Duress, Intoxication and Insanity. There is also the chance to evaluate different areas of law and to consider various concepts of such as Law and Justice.


There are trips to the Magistrates Court and Crown Court, as well as opportunities to attend talks from Solicitors, Barrister and Magistrates.


You will sit two exams at the end of your first year and two exams at the end of your second year. Each exam is worth 25% of your overall A-level qualification. There is no coursework element to this subject.


The majority of Law students go on to Higher Education, studying subjects such as Law or Criminology, or Legal Services Apprenticeships. However, the skills that you will gain during these two years will be transferrable to a number of subjects at undergraduate level, as well as a number of different career pathways.


To study an A-level programme you will need to achieve 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above, including English and Maths. There are no additional requirements for this subject.




This subject will take two years to complete. Please note that this is not yet a linear subject, therefore you will be taking exams at the end of your first year that will count towards you final A-level qualification.


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