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English Language


In the modern age, we are bombarded by language – text messages, social media, digital journalism, advertising – as well as more traditional genres such as newspapers, magazines and literature …


In your first year you will study how language is used to create meanings and representations across a range of subjects, with texts ranging from graphic novels such as ‘The Walking Dead’, advertising campaigns by Coca-Cola, to political speeches by Barack Obama. You will also explore how sociolinguistic factors such as our accent, age, occupation, gender and sexuality, shape how we communicate. Over two years as an English Language student, you will learn all about the ways in which language is used (and abused!).

In the second year you will also study the ways in which children and adults use language to interact, as well as exploring how and why language has changed so much over the past 500 years. There will be opportunities to produce your own creative writing for coursework and for pleasure too.


There are trips to theatres and cinemas, as well as opportunities to participate in enrichment activities and sharpen your journalism skills by writing for the college.


You will sit two exams at the end of your second year, each worth 40% of your overall A level qualification. In the second year you will also complete a non-exam assessment which is worth 20% of your A level.


The subject is central to improving your communication skills and can help you gain access to a huge number of careers including: journalism, copywriting, publishing, advertising and teaching.


To study an A-level programme you will need to achieve 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above, including English and Maths. There are no additional requirements for this subject, but a high level of GCSE English would be beneficial.




This subject will take two years to complete. Please note that this is a linear subject and you will be taking exams at the end of your second year that will give you your final A-level qualification.


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