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Ofsted Report – January 2017

Following the recent Ofsted inspection of the College we are very pleased with the positive comments given, as well as the recognition of the progress we have all made since I arrived at the College.

We are pleased that Ofsted recognised that:

  • A new culture of high expectations, introduced by the recently appointed senior leadership team, has led to improvements in student outcomes in the last year.
  • Progression to further and higher education, employment and apprenticeships is high.
  • There are high standards of student behaviour in an inclusive and respectful environment.
  • Students successfully develop a good understanding of the values of living in modern Britain.

This tells us that we are doing the right things to get this college, its staff and its students the outcomes that they deserve.

We do of course recognise there are areas of improvement needed  – and the report itself (written over two months ago) states that the overwhelming majority of these are already improving or are already being dealt with to make the necessary improvements.

There are many other positives in the report, but we need to concentrate on outcomes for students. The results data shows that student outcomes have significantly improved and we are on track for even more improvements in 2017.

Connell Sixth Form College – Published Report January 2017