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Medical Mavericks
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18th December 2018

Last week we were delighted to welcome the awesome ‘Medical Mavericks’ team to Connell. They are undoubtedly the UK’s No1 Careers, STEM & Sport Enrichment Experience!MM3

Our students, along with some visiting students from St Peter’s RC High School and the Co-operative Academies of Manchester & Failsworth, gained inspiration from a carousel of hands-on activities such as taking blood from a fake arm (not for the squeamish!), recording and printing an ECG, looking inside the body using ultrasound, using the infra-red vein scanner, and taking detailed pictures of the eyeball! The very brave attempted keyhole surgery and amazed their peers with their manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination!

Capture MM7

The team introduced students to the wide range of careers within the NHS, exploring many healthcare roles that they had not previously considered,or even knew existed! It gave them a real insight into healthcare in general – and most importantly into maintaining their own health. It was certainly a worthwhile event which was well-received by all those who attended.







A huge thank you to GM Higher for granting us this wonderful opportunity, and thank you to our visiting schools for engaging so well with all the activities.MM2