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ISG continues to WOW North West students
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13th June 2018

Now in its second year, ISG’s World of Work Experience (WOWEX) has welcomed its latest cohort of pupils for a taste of a week in the construction industry.

The 11-strong group from Connell Sixth Form College spent five days following the process of tendering for a project to final pitch, with a visit to a live construction site as part of the programme. . The staff at ISG were very impressed with the pitch which the students delivered at the end of the week (not an easy task for anyone!) and they should be very proud of what they achieved.

WOWEX aims to combat negative impressions of the sector and highlights the full spectrum of career opportunities available. Aged between 17-19 years, none of the Connell Sixth Form College students initially thought construction was the career for them, but by the end of the week more than 70 per cent had changed their minds.

Vicky Hutchinson, National Frameworks Social Responsibility Manager, said: “These sessions are incredibly important for the future of our industry. We have run five sessions in the last two years, with the aim of ensuring college students can see construction for what it is, a sector of talented individuals from a range of disciplines coming together to deliver places that help people and businesses thrive.”

At the end of the week, all of the students ‘knew more about careers within construction’ and said that ‘the idea of working in construction was more appealing now than it was before WOWEX’.

The whole of ISG’s Manchester office got behind the event, with presentations and support from the HR, finance, marketing, business development and site teams.

Anitaben Patel, business teacher at Connell Sixth Form College, said: “The students all spoke really highly of the programme, and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. You have helped some students think more clearly about their future aspirations, which was great.”

The WOWEX group placement comprises a week-long series of activities, including a site visit, a series of presentations from business development, planning, surveying and project management professionals, and an introduction of the real-world tools and techniques used in 21st century main contracting.

ISG has developed WOWEX materials for the wider industry which can be obtained through the CITB website. The hope is that hundreds of students will benefit from them in future.

Gillian Brewin, Strategic Partnerships Manager at CITB, commented: “We are absolutely committed to getting more young people such as the students from Connell, interested in construction and attracting the best talent into the sector; the WOWEX project has done just that! ISG has shown great leadership in solving the industry’s future skills needs, by showing the range of exciting career opportunities available in construction. I look forward to working with the team at ISG and seeing the project’s positive impact on the industry.”