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Drama students take to the stage
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12th May 2017 | By Drama and Theatre Subject Lead, Aileen Williams

Over the past four months, the Lower Sixth Drama and Theatre students have been working hard to write their own exam performance. Inspired by the key theme of ‘identity’ in Steven Berkoff’s ‘Metamorphosis’, and practitioner Bertolt Brecht’s unique style of theatre, the group worked hard together to devise a thought-provoking yet comical performance that explored questions regarding what makes us who we are; is it individual thought and opinion or are we socially constructed by the world around us?


After weeks of creative workshops and intensive rehearsals, the students finally took to the stage on Wednesday night to perform their piece, set in the made-up world of  the ‘Identity Identification Centre’, where characters sought to ‘find themselves’, their true identities, and confirm their place in society. Using elements of Brecht’s style of theatre, such as breaking the fourth wall, using masks, interrupting the action, and communicating with the audience via placards, the group created a piece that was not only comical but encouraged the audience to reflect on social norms and expectations. Additionally it communicated the strengths and skills of Connell’s Drama students and showed how creative and innovative our students and their ideas are.

Well done to all the students who performed and good luck with the rest of your exams!