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Berlin Trip March 2018  
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16th April 2018

Twenty one Psychology, Sociology & History students visited the German capital last month and were lucky enough to not only experience the vast historical and societal sites but some beautiful unseasonal snow too. A particular highlight was our snowy private walking tour through central Berlin, with our excellent guide George, learning about sites such as The Brandenburg Gate to The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. berlin 1

This was followed by a chance to warm up in Berlin Mall, which to the students delight contains a free slide as an alternative to stairs! We also had an equally insightful private tour of the German Parliament, which finished with a visit to the Reichstag Dome offering spectacular night time views of Berlin. We also visiting the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) museum which is an interactive museum depicting life in former East Germany. The museum includes a driving simulation in a ‘Trabant‘ car and an entire working East German tower block flat, both of which the students got chance to experience. German Parliament

Finally, we ended our trip with a very sunny visit to the East Side Gallery, which was once part of the Berlin Wall and now forms the longest open air gallery in the world. Our students even got chance to add their names to one of the interactive pieces of art. Overall the trip was a massive success and we are very much looking forward to returning next year, after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students and being very impressed with their consistent exemplary behaviour. This trip will always be special though as Connell‘s first ever visit to Berlin.

Writing on the wall